20/20 Club Membership

for 20 months or until 2020

When you join, you pledge to, as you are able:

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Give $20 per month more than your current gift

Your gifts will help maintain and improve camp buildings, equipment, and camper programming. Donate here

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Volunteer 20 hours per year for or at camp

Help organize fundraisers, procure items for our silent auction, work at the 5K run, and more!

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Pray for a Yearly 20% increase in Campers

God's Word does not return void! Each camper we reach is taught God's truth by loving staff. We hope to see that harvest one day in Heaven!

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Share the Vision of Camp Cherith with 20 new people

Introduce new families to camp and change their lives

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Members receive a 20/20 t-shirt and a once yearly 20% Tuck Shop discount


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