At CCWNY, we are always working on updating our site and facilities. Below is a list of the projects we're currently working on, or hope to start soon! If you'd like to help out, please visit our volunteer page or  contact us! 

Thank you to all who give generously of your time and money to make these plans a reality!


 Archery Shelter

The new Archery Shelter completed for use during our last week of camp.

The new Archery Shelter completed for use during our last week of camp.


Our staff housing project to replace the T-House is nearly complete! See the progress pictures below!


Tree Trimming Clean Up

The remains of several trees that were taken down this past fall need to be cleaned up. Brush gathered, wood cut, split, and stacked for future use. 



To complete our pool upgrades, there is some plumbing work to be done in the pump house. A large section of pipe needs to be replaced to allow us to replace a valve that was broken last summer and to properly install the correct size flow meter. The assistance of a plumber would be a major help.


Fuel Shed

The new fuel shed

The new fuel shed

We're happy to say we now have a shed to store fuel in! This will create a safe, functional space that is outside the maintenance building, Big Red.


Maintenance Building

A few years ago, we put in a new maintenance building. This is a beautiful building that we are still working on. CCWNY's site committee would like to install a divider wall inside to separate the shop and the storage/parking areas. We also need to complete the concrete flooring on the parking side.


Fresh Paint

We're always looking for a fresh coat of paint at camp! Come hang out for a few hours with us and paint!