Evelyn White

Imagine attending camp as an 8 year old and loving it so much that you continue to attend every summer. Many years later you become the director of that camp! That amazing experience happened to Evie (Wagner) White 'Rufous' who became the director of CCWNY in 2005. A graduate of the CIT (Counselor in Training) program, she's filled many staff positions over the years, from counselor to horsemanship instructor to Assistant Director. She has a BS in Physical Education from The King's College and taught for a number of years.

Evie lives in Westminster, MD with her husband, Orville 'Fisher', who shares her love of Cherith and joins her during boys' weeks to teach fishing and NRA riflery as well as site maintenance. Their three sons, Joshua, Mark, and Ben have all been a part of Cherith as campers and staff members.

Why Camp Cherith of WNY?

Many folks have asked Evie why she continues to work and minister at a camp that is so far away from her home. May her answer below encourage you as you seek the best place to send your child to a summer camp.

"As a child I attended a few different camps, but Camp Cherith was always my favorite. Not only did I like the activities better, but I also loved the evening campfires with singing and devotional messages as well as the personal and small group Bible studies. Best of all, at Camp Cherith I learned how to 'practically' live my life for God because of the staff members there. I saw and experienced Christ-likeness there like no other place in my young life. The weeks I spent at Camp Cherith every summer were truly life changing for me, especially during some rough teen years when I didn't feel much like following God. The counselors I had were such role models and mentors that I wanted what they had. Their example sparked my desire to seek and know God in a deeper way. Camp Cherith's scheduled time for daily personal devotions is what established that pattern for me as a young person. As an adult I knew I wanted to be used by God to influence the lives of children and teens in the same way. Every summer it is an absolute joy as we see the campers and staff grow in their relationships with God and each other."