Site maintenance wish list

  • One good-quality saws-all
  • One 1/2" drive drill
  • An extensive index of high speed drill bits up to 1"
  • Painting Supplies (pans, roller handles, roller covers, brushes, etc)
  • Wheelbarrow

Camp Program Wish List

  • Golf cart
  • 2 good-condition couches
  •  4-8 man tents for camp outs in the woods
  •  Unique and fun dress up clothing or costumes
  • Magnifying glasses
  • 2 floor lamps
  •  New or used digital cameras
  • Markers (Sharpies fine and broad, permanent, washable)
  • Brooms and dustpans
  • Poster board, Foam Core board
  • Plastic bins with lids
  • Arrows for Archery (Contact Director for specifics)