Camp Cherith has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. From her first week there in 3rd grade, she established a long term goal to be a CILT graduate and become a counselor, a goal she achieved this past summer. The camp does a magnificent job balancing a semi-rustic summer camp environment with faith based programming, creative and educational activities, and the nurturing and spiritual growth of everyone there. The staff feels as rewarded as the campers at the closing ceremonies each week. Our daughter has grown immensely in her faith, her confidence, and her ability to engage, educate, embrace, and nurture others. Camp Cherith is an excellent foundational experience for any growing child.
— Beth, Parent
Camp has been an ongoing life changing experience for me for what is now seven years. It’s a place where everyone can be themselves and fully express their joy about God and nature. Camp is a place to make life long friends, try new things, and fully discover who you are. Camp is my favorite place in the whole world and I don’t know what I’d be without it.
— Rachel, Camper
ALL my friends know this is the best place on EARTH!!! We drive 6 hours to get there, I feel very strongly that this is a very special place. My daughter talks non-stop about her Camp Cherith experiences and cannot wait for her next time there !!! The adults (staff) are very carefully selected, creating an amazing group of role models and a fabulous group to positively influence our children. In today’s world we need all the positive influences we can for our children. And lastly, the food is served family style, well balanced and tastes great!!!
— Ellen, Staff
Once you come to camp, it’s pretty impossible to leave-it’s a beautiful place where you can draw closer to God in His creation, grow stronger in your faith, and grow in relationships with other people. The people there seek to love you like Jesus does and there are so many awesome opportunities to learn...from how to build a fire to diving deeper into God’s Word.
— Lorianne, Staff