2018 Horse Camp Date Change

Our dates for Horse Camp have changed since we first published the schedule. Specialty Horse Camp (the majority of your activity hours will be with the horses) will take place Week 2 (July 15-21) and Week 4 (July 29-August 4)

Horses are offered as an activity (1 hour each day) each week of camp for an extra fee. Horse Camp is for campers who wish to have 2 hours each day of riding and instruction (basic riding skills are required). 

2018 Summer Camp Dates

Are you planning for summer already? Winter weather has finally arrived here, in Western New York. Register for summer camp now and receive an Early Bird discount (good through Dec 31)!

July 1-6 Specials: CILT 2 (part 1) and Girls' Adventure Camp, Day Camp (M-F)

July 8-14, Week 1: Girls only Resident Camp,

July 15-21, Week 2: Girls only Resident Camp, Horse Camp

July 22 -28, Week 3: Boys' and Girls' Resident Camp, CILT 2 (part 2 and graduation), CILT 1

July 29-August-4, Week 4: Boys' and Girls' Resident Camp, CILT 1, Horse Camp

No fooling! I had this much fun!

No fooling! I had this much fun!

Seven Reasons You Should Work at a Christian Camp

We here at Camp Cherith believe that every kid should get the chance to spend a week at camp once a summer. They deserve to be out in nature, away from screens, enjoying independence, and getting a little (or a lot) dirty. They are made for it and deserve it.

But, we also believe that every young adult owes it to themselves to work at a camp. If someone approaches you about working at a camp and your response is,  "No... I'm going to get an internship this summer." Remember that working at a camp is just as valuable as an internship, possibly more valuable. Here are seven reasons why:


1) When you work at a Christian camp, you are investing in eternity

You're helping kids grow in their faith. That is so incredibly important and an awesome experience to have.



2) You're making lifelong friends with coworkers

One summer can gain you friends who will challenge you, love you unconditionally (because they've probably seen you at your worst at camp... But they've also seen you at your best), and they will support you through anything.

Life Long Friends


3) Employers love it

Many interviewers will bring up your camp experience if it is listed on your resume. They're impressed with the responsibility and wide range of skills that you gain. For example, at CCWNY, we always need media and publicity assistants, office organizers, lifeguards, kitchen workers, site maintenance mechanics or carpenters, and more. The possibilities are endless. The people skills and practical knowledge gained over the summer are used in jobs other than "camp counselor".


4) Money

It may be odd to mention because camps are known to have a lower pay scale,  but when you think about the money you'd earn working an unpaid internship... Money.


5) You can spend your summer outside

You will spend your summer in nature, not stuffed up in an office. Get splinters instead of papercuts while learning to build a fire that lights with one match. Get fit and loose some of those extra pounds walking everywhere. Take a look at the Milky Way in the night sky.

Summer Outside


6) Skills

There are so many competencies that can only be learned through living, working, and teaching with the same people for an entire summer. The proficiency attained when working with difficult personalities, problem solving, and organizing will remain with you the rest of your life. These lessons will become a part of you to use in any situation you encounter.


7) This is only a limited time offer

College years go by quickly, and soon you will have to adult it full time. You have the rest of your life to work in an office. You will only have these four summers to work at camp before school loans start coming due. Take advantage of this time in your life of lower financial responsibility to gain experience that lasts a lifetime.


8) Bonus Reason

You can wear crazy outfits to work every day, and no one blinks an eye.

Crazy outfits





Taste of Camp

Get a taste of camp at our Spring Spree Weekend. Come Friday, May 12 to Saturday, May 13 to experience some of your favorite camp past times: hiking, fishing, crafts, gaga ball, wacky games and contests, singing, free time, and campfire!

Everyone is invited: girls, boys, women, men, old, young, families, clubs, and groups. Ask your friend who is unsure if they will like a full week of summer camp.

For more information or to register, click here! Hurry, space is limited. May 7 is the last day to tell us you are coming.

Summer is Coming!

Happy 2017 from your friends at Camp Cherith of Western New York!

We hope that during these winter months you are looking forward to the warm, sunny days of summer and all the great things you can do like spending a week (or sending your kids for a week) at Camp Cherith! We know many of you are probably planning to do so, and we wanted to update you on a few changes that we are making for this summer.


Because of our growing Day Camp program and our commitment to reaching out to our immediate community, we decided to switch things up and offer a full week dedicated just to day camp! In the past, we ran day camp during the first week of resident camp. But in 2016 we had such a large day camp that we want to dedicate more of our staff, resources, and activity time, just to them.

What does this mean for resident camp? We’ve moved to having four weeks (from five weeks) of resident camp, not only to accommodate the growth in day camp, but also to maximize resident camp opportunities. Our goal is to make all of our programs an even better experience for both day campers and overnight campers. As you can see the calendar weeks are similar with the exception of starting resident camp a week later. We will have two girls only weeks, and two parallel camp (boys and girls) weeks. The dates are as follows:
July 3-7 - day camp
July 9-15 - girls only resident camp
July 16-22 - girls only resident camp
July 23 -29 - parallel boys and girls resident camp
July 30-August-5 - parallel boys and girls resident camp
Check out the specials for each week here. You can register NOW to be sure to get the week you'd like!
Another new thing we’d like to announce is that we will be renting our site for a few days in August (after our regularly scheduled camp ends) to Celiac Strong Camp. This camp is devoted to providing a camp experience to campers with Celiac Disease. Their website states “This camp is worry-free place for boys and girls with Celiac or gluten intolerance between 7-16 years old.” Celiac Strong Camp will be happening at Camp Cherith of WNY from August 9th-August 12th. We’re excited to host them!

Click here to rent our beautiful site for your organization's next event!

Adventure Tree Climbing in front of the the dining hall

Adventure Tree Climbing in front of the the dining hall