What Does it Cost for a Basic week of camp? 

We have tiered pricing - Because we are committed to offering every child an opportunity to attend camp, we do not charge our full cost per camper. It costs around $500 per camper per week so to subsidize costs, we implement a tiered pricing program. Tier A is our base price at $350, we offer a tier above that $400 and one below that $300. Please select a level that best suits your situation. Your child’s camp experience is in no way affected by the tier chosen.  If none of these meet your situation, please apply for scholarship funds.

What time Do we arrive on sunday?

Sunday arrival and check in will run from 3:00 until 4:30 PM. Park in designated parking areas, then proceed to the bottom of the hill to the dining hall. Bring all completed forms and camper's medications in original containers (your child will check in with the RN at this time as well) along with final payment and tuck money (separate check or cash) with you. If your balance is paid in full and all of your paperwork is filled out prior to your arrival, the process will go quickly. After checking in, you will be directed to your child's cabin.

Can I bring my pet when dropping off or picking up my camper?

In order to maintain high safety and security for all visitors to camp, no pets are allowed on camp property with the exception of service animals. Please see the Parent Handbook for more details.

how do i prepay my balance?

Through on-line registration or by sending any additional payments (checks or credit card) to: Registrar; Leah Free, 103 Scovell St., Lockport, NY 14094.

Please DO NOT send Tuck Shop money or after registration forms (ie. health evaluations) by mail prior to camp. These will be collected at check-in.

What is tuck shop? What is a reasonable amount to budget?

Tuck Shop is our camp store where snacks, drinks, t-shirts, and other items can be purchased during free time.  At check-in you will be asked to make a deposit for your child for the week’s spending money. $30-$40 should cover items that campers may want to purchase. Please bring cash or a separate check on check-in day for the Tuck deposit. 

We have a rule of “two (snacks) for the tummy,” so $15 for the week would cover snacks. $15 to $20 more would be appropriate for purchase of a t-shirt, CD of photos, free-time tree climb ($5), or free-time horseback riding ($5). Your child will get back any money they don’t spend at the end of the week. The Tuck shop will also be open on Saturday during check out for additional cash purchases.

What if my child comes to camp and enjoys it so much she/he wants to stay another week?

This happens often and it's easy to arrange: call the camp at 585-468-3850 or e-mail the registrar. In many cases, you may also see the director on Saturday morning when you pick your child!

Can my child and a friend be placed in the same cabin?

Yes, Please write the request on the registration form. Request must be made for 2 campers within the same grade division. Although we make every effort to accommodate, please understand that not all roommate requests can be honored. Camp is an excellent opportunity for learning to reach out and make new friends! It is best if the parents can discuss this issue first, then both families include a note for consideration.

Can my child be late for registration?

Special arrangements can be made for preplanned lateness but please call the camp director [Evie White: (585) 468-3850] before check in time on Sunday. (If you have an unforeseen delay that makes you late just come as soon as you can)

Can I pick my child up before Saturday?

Please leave a message with the Camp Director on check-in day so that arrangements can be made. There will be no refunds for early withdrawal from camp.

What if I lose the paperwork?

Click here where all of the after-registration forms are available in the Parent Handbook.

What if we need to change weeks for some reason?

Call Leah Free (Registrar) 716-550-2999 or email, and she will attempt to change your child to another week. We have some weeks that fill early so we may not be able to accommodate every request.

What are your refund and dismissal policies?

The registration fee is non-refundable. If a camper is unable to come to camp as registered you can apply funds to another week or camper. In extreme circumstances you can request a refund of non-registration fees that have been paid.

1) In the case of a parent choosing to remove a camper prior to the completion of the camping week for any reason other than a death in the family or natural disaster impacting the family, no refund will be made.

2) To ensure a quality camping experience for all campers, severely inappropriate behavior will result in dismissal from camp prior to the end of the session. When this occurs, no refund will be provided and the parents/guardians will be responsible to transport their child from camp property.

What if my child has a difficult time adjusting to camp?

Please be sure you tell your child that you want her/him to be at camp and that she/he will have a good time. If homesickness occurs your child's counselor will be sensitive to this and will call in other resources if needed. If a camper is experiencing homesickness that is prolonged or having any other issues that would cause the camper to miss daily activities we will notify the parent. The Director will call and talk with you about this if she believes it's necessary. (Please do not tell your camper that they can call home.) We recognize that homesickness and anxiety are related and our counselors and leadership team are trained to lovingly assist your camper in adjusting to camp. It might be a good idea to have your child practice being away from home by staying with friends or relatives overnight before coming to camp. It will make the adjustment to camp easier if this is not your camper's first time to sleep away from home.

My child wets the bed on occasion. what will happen if she/he does it at camp?

Camp staff is well-prepared for this problem and will handle it with discretion. Please inform your child's counselor so she/he can be aware that it may happen. Also, please send a plastic mattress cover (to protect the mattress) and two sets of sheets and blankets for bedding instead of a sleeping bag. The bedding is easier to wash, and two sets means that there will be bedding on the bunk while the soiled sheets are being washed.

How can we get so much for so little?

To keep the cost of camp reasonable for everyone, friends donate financially or send gifts in kind. If you would like to donate to Camp Cherith of WNY, make your check payable to CAMP CHERITH of Western New York. Send to: CCWNY / PO Box 324 / Williamsville, NY 14321-0324, or click here to donate online. We are thankful for all donations.

How do we get to Camp Cherith?

Click here for a map.

From the Buffalo area (north/west of camp)

  1. Follow Rte. 20A to 19 south
  2. Take 19A to 436
  3. Turn left into Portageville
  4. Turn right onto Short Tract Road
  5. CCWNY is on your right

From the Rochester area (north east of camp)

  1. Follow Rte. 390 S / Take the Mount Morris exit
  2. Turn left at the exit
  3. Follow Rte.408 into Nunda
  4. Turn right onto Rte. 436 in Nunda
  5. Turn left onto Short Tract Road
  6. CCWNY is on your right

From the Corning/ Binghamton/NYC area (south and east of camp)

  1. Follow Rte. 17 W (I-86) to the Arkport exit
  2. Merge onto Rte. 36N
  3. Turn left onto Rte. 70
  4. Turn left onto Rte. 436
  5. Make a quick left onto Short Tract Road
  6. CCWNY is on your right.