What Will You be Caught Doing?

Happy #MorningWatchMonday from Rina!

…I recently attended "Bedside Baptist"- That's when you don't quite make it to church, but still need the "bread" for the week.  I watched Francis Chan's message called Unlimiting God.

Francis talked about how living for the end times is like living for eternity.  Living each moment as though you are TOTALLY ready for Christ to return.  He compared it to watching a show where the protagonist might die, but you realize it's only 2 seasons in, and there are 5 seasons left!... We know it's going to be okay. 

I used to be very fearful... of a lot of things (believe it or not!) and my Dad used to ask me "Well, what's the absolute worst thing that could happen?"  "I would die" I would say, usually exaggerating the situation (of like, asking my friends to come to youth group, or sharing my faith with someone).  But even then... even if I really were to die, isn't that kind-of a winning situation for me anyways?  Spending eternity with Christ?  In Acts, there were no needy people, because they all took care of each other!  Isn't that what it's all about? Love?  The very reason God sent his Son Jesus to Earth was love- shouldn't we be sharing love in any way can?  -whether it's forgiveness, hospitality, helping, serving, listening?  Wouldn't you love to have Jesus return when you're doing those things?  How would he respond to what you're doing with your life if he returned right now?  Live the way you would WANT him to catch you when he returns!

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