Seven Reasons You Should Work at a Christian Camp

We here at Camp Cherith believe that every kid should get the chance to spend a week at camp once a summer. They deserve to be out in nature, away from screens, enjoying independence, and getting a little (or a lot) dirty. They are made for it and deserve it.

But, we also believe that every young adult owes it to themselves to work at a camp. If someone approaches you about working at a camp and your response is,  "No... I'm going to get an internship this summer." Remember that working at a camp is just as valuable as an internship, possibly more valuable. Here are seven reasons why:


1) When you work at a Christian camp, you are investing in eternity

You're helping kids grow in their faith. That is so incredibly important and an awesome experience to have.



2) You're making lifelong friends with coworkers

One summer can gain you friends who will challenge you, love you unconditionally (because they've probably seen you at your worst at camp... But they've also seen you at your best), and they will support you through anything.

Life Long Friends


3) Employers love it

Many interviewers will bring up your camp experience if it is listed on your resume. They're impressed with the responsibility and wide range of skills that you gain. For example, at CCWNY, we always need media and publicity assistants, office organizers, lifeguards, kitchen workers, site maintenance mechanics or carpenters, and more. The possibilities are endless. The people skills and practical knowledge gained over the summer are used in jobs other than "camp counselor".


4) Money

It may be odd to mention because camps are known to have a lower pay scale,  but when you think about the money you'd earn working an unpaid internship... Money.


5) You can spend your summer outside

You will spend your summer in nature, not stuffed up in an office. Get splinters instead of papercuts while learning to build a fire that lights with one match. Get fit and loose some of those extra pounds walking everywhere. Take a look at the Milky Way in the night sky.

Summer Outside


6) Skills

There are so many competencies that can only be learned through living, working, and teaching with the same people for an entire summer. The proficiency attained when working with difficult personalities, problem solving, and organizing will remain with you the rest of your life. These lessons will become a part of you to use in any situation you encounter.


7) This is only a limited time offer

College years go by quickly, and soon you will have to adult it full time. You have the rest of your life to work in an office. You will only have these four summers to work at camp before school loans start coming due. Take advantage of this time in your life of lower financial responsibility to gain experience that lasts a lifetime.


8) Bonus Reason

You can wear crazy outfits to work every day, and no one blinks an eye.

Crazy outfits