Do you buy a camp t-shirt every summer? Ever wonder what you should do with them after you’ve grown out of them? This year I learned how to make a quilt. There is a summer memory that goes with each shirt. If you’d like to make your own quilt, check out this awesome class!*

Thy Word

My second year of camp…I loved being outside and building campfires to cook doughboys and tinfoil dinners. To this day, wood smoke and bug spray are some of my favorite scents.

Heavens Declare

My first year of CILT the theme song was Anchored in Jesus. I met some counselors that summer that challenged me to grow in my faith and boldness of following Jesus every day.

IMG_1362 (8).jpg

Finally made it through CILT! Teaching classes, giving campfire messages, memorizing scripture, living in a cabin under another counselor..all experiences that I think of every time I hold a candle at CILT graduation. I was so happy to earn this shirt and be able to pass on the Cherith tradition of faith to other campers.

I Go to the Rock

I was a Pioneer Girl and heard all about summer camp from Dee. She and my other leaders encouraged me to make Christ a part of every aspect of my life.


I think I was 12 or 13 when I was finally able to take a Stars class with Puff. She helped me gain a whole new appreciation for the night sky. Now I am teaching my own kids about the Summer Triangle, Big Dipper, and Milky Way.


I wore this shirt while living in the woods for a week with 2 other campers, Mouse, and Hermi. We had a grand time and made up songs to go along with our experiences. I had to complete a week of outposting to achieve a major in campcraft/outdoor living for CILT.


My last summer as a camp counselor before I graduated from college. Some of the campers I had in my cabins were now counselors themselves. It was so much fun to be on staff with them. I love the closeness we develop after spending a summer together working towards the same goal to guide campers closer to Christ.

This summer, 3 of my daughters were able to come to camp and had a great time. I hope one day I will get to see them continue on in God’s good work at Camp Cherith.

All Together

*this is not an affiliate link, I, the author, am sharing the class because it is a very helpful class