More than Tradition

More than tradition, more than proximity, more than a lack of options, Camp Cherith is the long-term choice for many parents. Why? What makes Camp Cherith special? These are some insights from a mom who was a camper, CILT, and staff member (now living in Wisconsin) who sent her 3 girls last summer.

Why did you choose to send your girls to Camp Cherith?

Like Jacob coming back to Bethel, I come back because this is where I really met God. People showed me His love and taught me His Word. I have good memories of doing things and special people and wanted my kids to have the same experiences.

What did you notice when your girls came home? 

They were more interested in a regular time for reading in the Bible. They were more independent and proud to show the things they had learned.

What did your girls like best?

One said “Everything!” One loved thehorses. One really enjoyed making progress in archery. There were so many experiences almost impossible to have outside of camp.