What does a typical day look like at camp?

Click here for a camp schedule.

How much time off will I have in a week?

Each staff member has 2 hours per day plus approximately 24 hours on Sat/Sunday.

What do the staff members do during their 24 hours off?

Normally staff spend time together. Some live close enough to go 'home'. Others will car pool and go do laundry, see a movie, get something to eat and do some personal shopping. On Sunday morning staff car pool to attend nearby church services.

Will I need a car while working at camp?

Having a car can be helpful so that you can go to town on your days off but there are always staff members willing to car pool. Cars will remain parked in staff parking during the week.

When will I get paid?

Staff members are paid on the last day of the season but can get cash advances against your salary as needed.

How can I increase my salary?

We have a Caring Adult Ministry Partners (C.A.M.P.) program that if you choose to participate in; may increase your salary by a $300-$500 (typical for someone staying all summer)

How do I participate in the C.A.M.P. program?

Details about the C.A.M.P. program including how to participate, can be found here.

Where do staff live?

Each counselor lives with a group of 5-7 campers in individual cabin units. All other support staff members have housing with other staff.

What type of medical staff is available on site?

There is an RN on site 24/7 while campers are on site. There are also a number of staff members that have training in advanced first aid and CPR.

Can you accommodate special diets?

We serve a variety of foods that appeal to campers and staff and can usually accommodate special dietary needs using our menus. Please make the head cook aware of your needs. If you require special food items because of dietary restrictions then the purchase of those will be your responsibility. The cooks should be able to prepare them for you.

Where can I do my laundry, and buy personal items?

(Note-we do not have laundry facilities on site and the cost of laundry is the staff members responsibility. Camp can give you a cash advance for this.) The closest Town of Nunda is 3 miles from camp and has a very nice laundromat as well as a Dollar General and grocery store for most of your personal needs. Geneseo, NY is about 30 minutes away and has Super-Walmart, Wegmans and many other stores.