Cabin Counselors

The majority of our staff are counselors. Each live with and supervise a cabin group of 6-8 campers. They eat meals with their campers and lead them in daily Bible studies and devotions. Counselors also teach or assist in 1-2 activities each day (see activity staff). They have the privilege of being the person who can have the greatest impact on the campers. New counselors must be at least 18 and graduated from high school.

Division Directors

These staff members supervise the counselors and campers within an age group. They must have experience as a leader within a camp or similar setting and must be at least 19 years old.

Activity Staff

We need staff members/counselors that also have the ability to teach Horseback Riding, NRA Riflery, Archery, Outdoor Cooking/Outdoor Living Skills, Crafts, Swimming (WSI's and lifeguards needed), Boating, Fishing, Nature, Photography, and Creative Arts and other activities.

Activity Specialists

Work with campers in small groups to teach activities in a specialized area such as NRA Rifle, Archery, Horsemanship, Swimming, Crafts. These staff members must have certification or training/experience in that area. Ask about specific certifications required. If not a cabin counselor you will also participate in evening and all camp programs.

Horsemanship Specialist

(Must be at least 19 years old, 21+ years old preferred) - Need certification from a nationally recognized organization such as CHA. Also, must have some stable management experience. You will teach Western/English, ring riding to girls and boys from 4th-12th grade as well as care for the horses.

Support Staff

We are always looking for good cooks, kitchen help, maintenance, office assistants, and Registered Nurses.


We offer a weekly salary for each staff position. 

In lieu of salary parents of camper age children can receive scholarships of varying amounts (depending on the position and need) for your child to attend camp while you are there.